Triple I started with hemodialysis patients and their family members asking researchers to bring kidney care into the 21st century.

The project is a partnership of patients, researchers, and healthcare clinicians working together to improve the patient experience of hemodialysis: how you communicate with your team, personalizing your care, and improving when and how you receive information.

We are consulting with people with hemodialysis experience (patients, family members, clinicians) about challenges they face, ideas for care improvements, and suggestions about how to move those ideas into practice. We want new ideas, and we want to find out what’s working well in existing programs.

We are currently in Wave 2 of the project; the results of our Hubs of Care survey are in! We are analyzing the data to determine which healthcare providers would be most beneficial to add to the hemodialysis unit. The Hubs of Care concept will be tested in hemodialysis centres in our research sites in fall 2022. We are also developing and testing the Lena informational app, which is designed by patients for patients.

Meet the team

The Triple I team includes investigators, research staff, and patient partners at seven sites across Canada. The project is driven by the Winnipeg site team in collaboration with our patient partners.

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Principal Investigators

Dr. Clara Bohm

Co-Principal Investigator
Winnipeg Site Lead

Dr. Marcello Tonelli

Co-Principal Investigator
Calgary Site Lead

Winnipeg Site Staff

Priscila Ferreira da Silva
Melanie Talson

Patient partners

Arlene Desjarlais
George Fontaine
Michael McCormick
Timothy Slater
Hans Vorster

Project Collaborators

Dr. Claire Harris


Dr. Matthew James


Dr. Neesh Pannu


Dr. Manish Sood


Dr. Karthik Tennankore


Alison Thomas


Dr. Stephanie Thompson